3rd-grade teacher Lizzie had convinced herself that the shooting at her high school 10 years earlier was carefully tucked into her memory bank — that is until Jonathan enters her classroom with a gun.

When ex-military officer Jonathan brings a live weapon to an educational demonstration,  Lizzie’s duty to her students collides with the past trauma she thought buried and results in her unintentionally harming one of the children. Her PTSD flare-up sends her home with an ultimatum: find help or give up her passion for teaching forever.

Lizzie seeks solace in Ben, a long-time friend and fellow school shooting survivor, which doesn’t just destroy their strictly platonic friendship but puts Ben’s upcoming wedding into jeopardy.

Determined to regain control of her life, Lizzie enters into a therapy program as her only hope of saving her job. When she discovers that Jonathan — loaded with PTSD struggles of his own — is the leader of the group, she’s quick to blame her episode on him. It takes Jonathan to reveal his own mental scars of his time in the Army for Lizzie to realize that she might not be as alone in her pain as she thought — and that there is a way out.